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The latest innovation from SolarCrate ™, the TruckCrate is the ultimate solution for your mobile power requirements: on the job, on the farm, or around the house. The TruckCrate mobile power system incorporates solar power with a state of the art inverter and heavy duty deep cycle batteries to create a long-lasting source of energy to run your power tools, compressors, and battery chargers without the use of any fossil fuels.

The TruckCrate mounts into your existing truck box or you can purchase a ready-made unit built into a box that will fit your truck or van. Each unit is designed and built to your specific energy needs so that you can be assured that you’ll have all the power you need for the job. In most cases, the TruckCrate only uses about 1/3 of the storage space in your existing truck box leaving you with ample storage for your tools and equipment.

Maintenance free, the TruckCrate uses the suns’ energy to charge and maintain the battery bank. It charges whenever the sun is out and even on overcast days, you will still see great performance from the unit. Field-tested in our own company truck for 8 months under a variety of conditions and load requirements, the TruckCrate has performed flawlessly in every situation. No more loading and unloading heavy generators, hauling fuel, or shouting above the noise produced by gasoline fired sets. One switch operation provides safe, clean, hassle free power that you can feel good about.

The TruckCrate starts at $2395.00 and includes professional installation into your existing truck box at our Edinburg facilty, a 100 watt solar panel, 2 deep-cycle batteries, and a state-of-the-art inverter. Installation also includes 2 – 20 amp receptacles conveniently located on the outside of the box. The TruckCrate also comes with a 1 year warranty on the installation and components.

Do you have an ATV, Gator, camper or other vehicle that needs to have 110V power? TruckCrates can be sized to fit almost any application.

Give us a call or email to discuss your particular power requirements. 540-325-0772 or email: shenengsvcs@gmail.com

 SolarCrate LLC is a local, veteran owned small business located in Edinburg Virginia.