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SolarCrate GenaCrate-L

PiggyBack Solar Generator

The GenaCrate-L is a wall-mounted solar generator that produces 110VAC power for sheds, barns, and enclosed utility trailers. This standalone unit provides enough power to run lights, power tools, small appliances, battery chargers, and computers. It is securely mounted to the outside of your shed or trailer and a solar panel is mounted to the roof.  A battery-based system, the PiggyBack provides power day or night and uses the solar panel to keep the battery bank charged up.

Available in 3 sizes, SolarCrate has a GenaCrate-L to meet your needs.

GenaCrate L1
3KW Inverter
100W solar panel
105 Ah deep cycle battery

Can run most 15A loads or
• TV’s & Game Consoles
• LED lighting
• Battery Chargers
• Fans
• Corded power tools

GenaCrate L2
3KW Inverter
280W solar panel
2-105 Ah deep cycle batteries

Can run most 15A loads or
• All of L1 plus
• Small refrigerators
• Window AC units
• Small compressors

GenaCrate L4
5KW Inverter
2-290W solar panels
4-105 Ah deep cycle batteries

Can run most 25A loads or
• All of L1 & L2 plus
• Full size refrigerator
• Freezers
• Wells*
*With split-phase inverter option